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Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs - YAOD01 - 2017


This Diploma is suitable for people who have an interest in the area of alcohol and other drugs. It is a general introduction to contemporary issues, research and interventions in the Australian alcohol and other drug field, with special reference to the Northern Territory.

This fully online Diploma is designed for students or professionals in fields such as education, nursing, social work, Indigenous studies; health sciences and related areas that want to expand their knowledge and their skills.


  • This course provides a solid understanding of Human Psychology as an empirical science. You will be exposed to an integrated understanding of human behaviour, covering things like social-cultural perspectives, motivations, health and psychopathology.
  • It is available in study online, so there is no requirement to attend on-campus classes or intensives. All course units are fully supported with online resources, lectures, tutorials and study guides to ensure your learning experience is a positive one.
  • The Diploma of Alcohol and other Drugs is also available to start in the Summer Semester.


As a graduate with multiple skills and knowledge in a range of psychology areas (e.g. abnormal psychology, personality, developmental) you will find career options in:

  • human resources
  • preventative health
  • education and training
  • community services
  • advertising and marketing
  • sport and rehabilitation.

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Please visit the Course Catalogue for more details, such as:

  • Admission Requirements
  • Credit Transfer and Pathways
  • Course Structure
  • Study Plan
  • Course Fees.
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