Graduate Certificate in Yolngu Studies - GCYS - 2018


You will be introduced to the life and languages of the Yolngu people in north-east Arnhem Land.

The course concentrates on Yolngu Matha (Yolngu language) forms of Dhuwala, and focuses on the everyday community version of the language. A basic grounding in the sounds of the languages, grammar and basic vocabulary provides the basis to develop conversation ability and the learning of other Yolngu languages. Moiety systems, various aspects of kinship, Yolngu life, creation stories, songs, art and ceremonies and how these relate are also presented. A unit of independent study allows students the opportunity to focus on topics of personal interest.

This course is particularly suitable for professionals working in policy development, health and education, including public servants, researchers and other workers not just in Yolngu communities. It also provides an invaluable insight into the complexity of Indigenous societies found elsewhere in Australia.


  • Full-time and part-time study options are available.
  • You can study on-campus, or online.


This course is designed for professionals (particularly in health and education sectors), government workers, researchers and workers on Yolngu communities.

Meron Lovegrove

"In my 20's, whilst I was studying to become a teacher, I had a part time job in a prison teaching English to young Indigenous people. I became interested in their biographies and concerned by their struggles. I continued to work in education as I raised a family but life took me in a different direction and so this earlier connection was put aside."

"A few years back, my interest in all things related to Indigenous Australian culture and history was reawakened. I read widely, looked at art , travelled to remote places, kept alert to current issues in the media etc, and finally felt drawn to deepen my understanding of the Indigenous world view through formal study. I started looking for courses around Australia."

"That's when I found ACIKE. I could speak glowingly forever about the Yolngu Studies program at ACIKE. The course is comprehensive and is supported by an amazing interactive CD and generous live teaching from tutors based in Darwin and Arnhem Land. It is like being in a classroom but with the benefits of being at home. I really enjoy the Skype sessions with my lecturer and the chance to see Indigenous children and women going about their lives in the background!"

"The study of language has been a tool to understanding the rich culture of Yolngu people. My enthusiasm is such that my family and friends have become more aware of Indigenous knowledges and my children have undertaken aspects of this in their own Uni studies. The course has enlivened me spiritually and personally, and allowed me to contribute some of my knowledge to my own community." - Meron Lovegrove


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