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Graduate Diploma of Emergency and Disaster Management - TEMDM1 - 2018


The course provides an introduction to the field of emergency and disaster management that enhances the capacity of current and future practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region to apply knowledge appropriately, collaboratively and productively.

It creates a solid foundation to enable you to translate academic developments into practical responses and translates professional experience into the academic sphere of this rapidly evolving sector.


  • We are an Australian leader in flexible study options with the course structure designed for online participation from anywhere in the world.
  • You will utilise the Top End’s unique location at the gateway to South-East Asia to gain managerial and leadership skills from experienced lecturers with practical and academic expertise. With the course created in consultation with industry partners, you’ll work throughout with leading local and international organisations.
  • You will learn from guest speakers who are leaders in their field. 
  • Extensive professional networking opportunities and opportunities for case studies and research with your current employer.
  • The course provides opportunities to codify professional knowledge into an academic outcome.


The course is especially relevant to those people seeking advancement in Emergency and Disaster Management in the following sectors:

  • National and international emergency and disaster response agencies
  • International humanitarian aid and development agencies
  • Governmental and non-governmental agencies
  • Oil, gas and mining industries
  • Security and defence forces.

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More details about the course

Please visit the Course Catalogue for more details, such as:

  • Admission Requirements
  • Credit Transfer and Pathways
  • Course Structure
  • Study Plan
  • Course Fees.
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