Master of Education (Global Learning) - SEDI01 - 2018

Course overview

This course is an innovative course that encompasses targeted preparatory research in areas such as international education, education policy, higher education, vocational education, literacy and language, English language teaching in Asia, educational leadership, and Indigenous education and learning.

Enrolled students are immersed in engaged and focused projects that build upon understandings of research methodologies and a deeper awareness around globalised learning.

The course aims to meet the professional development needs of education policy makers, practitioners, school teachers and principals and researchers working across Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region, in areas such as (but not limited to) teacher education, higher education, community development, schooling, education for all, and technical and vocational education and training.

This course also includes the Centre for School Leadership Graduate Certificates pathways in developing students' knowledge and skills in professional development in teacher and principal training.

This course responds to the need for professional capabilities such as analytical thinking, collaborative learning, project management, and transformative practices in global and local settings.

Students are involved in an active self-managed learning experience that integrates opportunities to blend theory and practice in response to current and future paid and unpaid work contexts.

Through the use of engaged and focused projects students are encouraged to customise their learning in this program to meet personal, organisational workplace and community demands.

Students can choose from a range of units including a selection of designated units in assessment, teaching and learning and leadership, an internship in a local or international agency or a small thesis that provides skills and capabilities for future higher degree research study.

Exit Awards

Students who do not wish to complete the Masters may exit with one of the below awards provided that the student has satisfactorily completed the requirements of the Exit Award:

  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Global Learning) (40 credit points); or
  • Graduate Certificate of Gifted and Talented Education (40 credit points); or
  • Graduate Certificate of Indigenous Education Leadership (40 credit points); or
  • Graduate Certificate of Leading Teaching (40 credit points)

A student who graduates with an Exit Award forfeits their place in the original award and will be required to reapply for admission.

More details about this course

Please visit the Course Catalogue for more information.

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