Master of Engineering - SENG01 - 2018

This two year coursework degree provides a higher level of engineering learning for people who already have an undergraduate engineering degree. The course is accredited internationally to European EUR-ACE Label 2 requirements and by Engineers Australia at professional engineer level.


You can choose from the following four specialisations.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineers design and operate the processes involved in transforming raw materials into usable products. Key areas include oil and gas refining, minerals processing, plastics, food processing and pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

Civil and structural engineering

Civil engineers design, construct and manage the systems and infrastructure of modern life, for example, water resources, roads and traffic, bridges and marine structures.

Electrical and electronics engineering

This is a rapidly developing area that covers the design, automation and control of the devices, which make our modern life convenient. Typical examples are electronics, telecommunications, biomedical applications and power generation and distribution, including renewable energy.

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers design and construct both large and small devices that enable rapid and convenient transportation, cost effective manufacturing processes and quality fabrication in specific areas such as mechatronics, robotics, biomechanical applications, aeroplanes, cars, pumps and pipelines.


  • We encourage professional practice from the moment you start your course through project work so you are exposed to real-world training. You will have the opportunity to learn with guest lectures by practising engineers, site visits and work experience.
  • Our engineering courses were developed in consultation with industry representatives. You will graduate with a sound foundation of engineering learning as well as the advantage of an education that is directly aligned with industry requirements.
  • This professional engineering qualification is accredited under European EUR-ACE requirements and also by Engineers Australia under the Washington Accord.
  • Full time and part time study options available.
  • This course can be studied on campus at Casuarina, or you can study online virtually anywhere.


You can expect to find career opportunities in areas such as design, construction manufacturing, project management, process control, mining, oil and gas, government, consultation and minerals processing.

Professional recognition

This program meets the requirements for accreditation by Engineers Australia at the level of professional engineer.
This program meets the requirements for accreditation by EUR-ACE Label, second cycle.

More details about the course

Please visit the Course Catalogue for more information.

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